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Greenery Passport on Motorways

Detailed greenery passport in the scope of the property boundary of the ŘSD ČR on selected motorways
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Detailed description

The greenery passport with a total extent of 301 km is used to support the operation of the ŘSD. Its content is determined by the new internal regulation B6 Regulation for Uniform Collection and Registration of Roads Accompanying Vegetation within the ŘSD ČR. The data collection evaluates all vegetation and technical elements that are essential for the maintenance of the greenery.

Creation of 3D Model

‍The actual processing was based on TrueOrthophoto with a resolution of 2 cm/pixel and other products of aerial photogrammetry, which were classic orthophoto with a resolution of 5 cm/pixel and a digital model of the surface in the form of a point cloud. The orthophotos were processed into a WMS service. The positional evaluation of vegetation areas and the individual elements was carried out in the Qgis software. Determination of height and slope attributes was made based on the raster of relative object heights and the raster of slopes (FME program).

Objectives and Benefits

Our goal is to deliver data of the required quality in the form of orthophotomaps. In this case, the objective was to create a detailed greenery passport, digital terrain model (DMT), digital surface model (DMS), and orthophoto. As part of the quality control, the position and height of selected initial points measured in the field and on the resulting orthophotomap were compared.

Graphic Benefits

  • High detail of the supporting data
  • High positional accuracy in case of TrueOrthophoto map
  • True and complete representation of the locality of interest at a specific date

Non-Graphic Benefits

  • High precision
  • Reusability for other purposes
  • Possibility of detailed work inspection by the client
  • Further use of the orthophoto in the client’s daily operations

Technologies used


Cessna is equipped with a camera fitted in gyro-stabilization frame and is intended for larger-area jobs. It enables simultaneous real-time data collection by two sensors. The most commonly used combination is a large-format photogrammetric camera together with a laser scanner.

UltraCam Eagle Mark 3

The camera system consists of four lenses taking images in four-colour channels and allows achieving a ground accuracy of approximately 5 cm from a two-kilometre height.
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Photogrammetry of the Devil’s Stairs

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