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Production and Storage Hall

We created a BIM model of the production and storage hall.
Area: 7 500 m2
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Detailed description

The contract assignment was to develop a 3D model of the existing production and storage hall. Another requirement was to process the existing technological units and storage areas. Data collection was carried out using laser scanning and geodetic surveying.

Creation of 3D Model

After processing the laser scanning in Trimble Business Center, the project was subsequently processed in Autodesk Recap and Autodesk Revit. The processed hall was supplemented with the previous geodetic survey of the individual technological units and subsequently modelled into the project.

Objectives and Benefits

Our goal is to create 3D models of existing objects according to the investor’s requirements. Preparation of data for design offices.

Graphic Benefits

  • Better orientation and imagination for the customer (dealing with changes in the project)
  • Possibility of projecting the model into virtual reality goggles – comprehensive imagination
  • Presentations in the form of visualisations
  • Mapping of areas for better usability or reconstruction designs
  • Possibility to generate 2D drawing documentation

Technologies used

Trimble SX10

The scanning total station is an innovative solution in the field of mapping, engineering, and surveying worldwide, setting new standards for surveying instruments.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

We use this drone mainly for more precise and less extensive work, or for vertical mapping. It is equipped with a high quality 20 megapixel camera with the ability to record 4K videos.
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Residential building in the center of Prague

We mapped a residential building with a floor area of about 2500 m2.
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2 500 m2

Pasportization of Čiper's Villa

We have prepared a passportisation of the Čiper Villa in the form of a BIM model.
More information

Hranice and Jezernice viaducts

We have created 3D visualizations of historical buildings.
More information

Scanning of VHV Towers

We performed a detailed laser scan of the VHV towers to complete the documentation.
More information

3D Model of the Nekmíř Castle

We scanned the Nekmíř Castle using the laser scanning method and made a 3D model.
More information
Area: 790 m2

Railway Station Building Scanning

The project deals with the construction documentation of the railway station buildings in Čáslav, Prostějov.
More information
Area: 1 800 m2 (Čáslav), 1 680 m2 (Radotín), 3 700 m2 (Prostějov)

Railway Tunnels

Update of documents for the planned reconstruction of the Tanvald – Kořenov railway section.
More information
Area: 7 375 m2

Family House

We have created a 3D model of a family house in Ústí nad Labem.
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1 100 m2

Passportisation of Bridges and Culverts for the Road ŘSD

We have prepared a passportisation of bridges and culverts in the form of BIM models.
More information

Water Treatment Plant – Vír dam

We have created a BIM model of the area around the Vir dam.
More information
12 500 m2

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