We provide aerial images and orthophotomaps from history to the present.
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Service description

An orthophotomap is a true and comprehensible image of the Earth’s surface. It is a work composed of a mosaic of aerial surveying images placed in a coordinate system and corrected according to the area elevation to the plane. It retains the properties of maps – scale, coordinate system, and directional orientation. It reflects the actual state of the Earth’s surface with high narrative power, completeness, clarity, and detail, and it is a reliable source of information.

Large territories

Advantages of Orthophotomaps

  • Accuracy and shape fidelity of terrain representation
  • Surveying dangerous and hard-to-reach locations
  • Display of true colours and associated improved legibility
  • Complete and clear view of the Earth’s surface
  • Monitoring the evolution of the site or object condition over time

Outputs Offered

  • Orthophoto in high resolution
  • Digital terrain and surface model
  • Coloured point cloud or mesh
  • Spatial data visualisation
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Technologies used

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

We use this drone mainly for more precise and less extensive work, or for vertical mapping. It is equipped with a high quality 20 megapixel camera with the ability to record 4K videos.


Photogrammetry of the Devil’s Stairs

We measured the bottom of the limestone landfill of the big quarry and calculated the cubic volumes of the removal after the drone pass.
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Greenery Passport on Motorways

Detailed greenery passport in the scope of the property boundary of the ŘSD ČR on selected motorways
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Ing. Miroslava Kubíčková

Expert consultant in the field of mapping, LiDAR, photogrammetry, UAV/UAS, 3D models, and BIM
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Not sure which service is ideal for you? Ask our experts.

Ondřej Hrdlička MTCP (Hons)

expert consultant in the field of mapping, geodesy, photogrammetry and 3D models and BIM
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